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World-building revision

After some thinking and groaning, I have come to an conclusion. I have to do a revision of my statements in this post.

The fantastic fantasy in that world adds a vector of weirdness that may be fun, but actually warps the tranistion of Forgotten Realm a bit to much at the same time as it don’t reach the goal of turning FR into Science Fiction. It taste to much Weird and not enough Science, if you catch my drift.

Instead I think I’ll go for a Travelleresque universe and in order to wrestle my greatest beef with that system (2D space) I present this explanation:

Forgotten Space is a corridor of worlds “sandwiched” between two empty rifts. Perhaps furthest out on the tips of a Galaxy far, far away.

The scale still has to be measured, is each area in FR a subsector or a system? At first I was going for each country was a system, but perhaps a subsector is better…

I’ll have to work on an example at get the feel of the size.

More Disel Space feel than Magic Steam Space…. Time to dive into T5 again I guess.

Dungeon balance

Interesting article about how to populate a Dungeon. As I have pondered how Dungeon’God grows its dungeons I find it extremely interesting.

Blue Dragon

These dragons was created to combat the mechanised giant war-machines from Cogthopia. They are able to project a lightning strike at long distance fusing machinery and shortening out electricity.
Well aware of their formidable weaponry and also able to wreck havoc with most sensorial equipment they are the most likely of the war dragons to mock and manipulate their targets into handing over what they want of resources and riches, instead of just attack and risk wounds.
Of all war dragon the blue dragons are most likely to actually exist in any role in a society, but in that case as the dominant force. Their minions and troops are not always of the dragonkin, as the blue dragons see the creation of minions as a waste of resources if it can find other sources of troops and slaves to coerce into those roles.
In the strange racial vendetta structure that, as much else of dragon culture, is unexplainable brass colored dragons are their special enemy.
The blue dragon eggs are incubated in heated sand bath, making desert biomes a natural place for a haven, either natural or dragon created. Of the war dragons they also are the best care takers of their offspring, keeping them in their haven and bringing them along on forays, riding internally or externally depending on size, as leaving them behind would probably deplete the minion count at the haven.

A note on the cosmology of Forgotten Space

Forgotten Space is sandwiched between the bottom layer of Cogthopia, which depth is unknown and actual limitation is questionable. Cogthopia is covered in fumes and smog. Above Forgotten Space is a uneven “ceiling” of ice and beyond that is the horror realm of the Outer Gods, always looking for a way to enter the world and engulf it.
As far as anyone has travelled there is no limit to the narrow band between them but when travelling in any direction sooner and later you leave all worlds behind and you will travel in an endless unbroken darkness without any features.

Black Dragons

These Dragons was conceived as close attack troop carriers. Breaking up metal spaceship with Vivimatic strengthen acids and is some of the most foul tempered Dragons around. Their black matte hide makes them hard to spot in the smog clouds and far away from suns, besides from their dark colourisation another identifying mark is a plenty of horns and spines protruding from their bodies.
They prefer to attack from ambush, closing distance and breaking up their targets with streams of extremely potent acids allowing entrance of their well armed and acid spewing troops.
If spotted before attacking or when satiated they can be enticed into their only past time, haggling and making bargains of what they believe themselves being overconfidently good at.
For some unknown reason black dragons has a vendetta with green dragons, a sure way to secure a good bargain is to reveal details about a location of one, and if you are just making up, make you self scarse and be ready to go into hiding for the next millennia or two.
Black dragons are not noted as very good parents, relying more upon disguise and hiding to protect their eggs
than upon guarding them personally. Black dragon eggs must be submerged in strong acid while incubating.
Their wyrmlings are noted for their exceptional cruelty and their utterly insatiable appetites. They will consume anything organic they can fit into their gaps. Therefore Black Dragon usually hide their eggs on unpopulated worlds or other defenceless resources of organic matter as they are too miserly about their havens resources to share with the little monstrosities they breed. As soon as the wyrmling has gained enough mass to create their flight organs they takes off and becomes a danger and nuisance for all and everyone that encounters them.

Dragons Reimagined for Forgotten Space

Following the discovery of the Android equivalent of Drows my attention was draw towards the Dragons.
In ages past there was an civilisation that was the first to travel between the worlds in Forgotten Space, they did this by using advanced Vivimantic magic and created a living being, hardy enough to survive and containing internal space fit for living. These was immense in size and tailored to fit roles that modern space-vehicles fills today. The Dragons revolted and eradicated all traces of their progenitors in order to never have their slavery instated again.
After all these millennia’s existence the well defined classes has blurred due to mutations, crossbreeding and self induced transformations, but still a general classification of Dragons can be made of the dominant colour of their surface. First and foremost each dragon has their own personality, but it is influenced by the purpose they where created for.
The shape of each Dragon is unique and they can apparently transform it to fit whatever activities they want, so the classifications I will post the coming days can only be seen in as generalisations.

Early findings in the Forgotten Space

Drows are the employes and creation of Lolth Bioroids Inc and are called Androids. Not do the company only produce it own personnel but creates on specification or lease standard model Androids. The company is most known for their combat and pleasure models and highly infamous for their combination of those two. The standard of which there are several variants, are a slim blue-skinned humanoid. The colour can vary between midnight blue (almost black) to slate-grey with a blue tint. All standard Androids are hermafroditic (for unknown reason and supposedly infertile) and can express and suppress both human male and female physical attributes. Some models are able to change shape and colouring to pass as humans although anything but a cursory examination reveal their true nature.
Special models are always sold (for exorbitant sums) never rented out and the opposite is true for the standard model.
A special combat model is more a rumour than an established fact, namely a multi-legged large centaurs shaped monstrosity, capable of carrying very heavy weaponry.
Finally, most models seems to be equipped with gnostic talismans of phontonic disruption allowing them to create fields of artifical darkness around them.


When life gives me lemons, I visit the fantasy worlds inside my head until the bad mood goes away.
So now I’m off to discover how to transform Forgotten Realm into Forgotten Space -the clockwork-steam-space-opera setting I have just summoned a gate to.

See you around when the sky has cleared some!

About the Undead of DungeonGod

In the Dungeon’God there are creatures that could be called undead, but the source of them and the method they are created are quite different from the traditional view.
Most souls of those who perish in the dungeon belongs either of two factions. Either to the Dungeon Denizens and are Dungeon’Gods own, to be reborn as new monsters to populate the dungeon and act as challenger of adventurers coming to plunder their treasures. The second faction is the aforementioned adventurers whos souls usually are contracted to be delivered back to the residential god. Sometimes though, there are worlds without any responsible ruler or there takes time before the contract is sealed, and no one is interested in paying for the souls of those previously slain, these unfortunate are used to generate the undead that haunts the corridors of Dungeon’God.
They can be released, and being quite grateful for that, by finding their sarcophagi and defeat the spectre they are forced to become. This is usually quite challenging as the spectre are forced to project and control shades, wraiths and other spectral undeads. Even animations of the bodies of slain adventurers are used for defence. Within the range of a Spectre the normally unnatural clean dungeon is dusty and filled with bits and pieces of corpses as the Oozes who normally clean such things are banished. But instead becoming a safe haven for havesting, any killed monster instead turns into a undead horror, very upset about you holding parts of their body in your hands! Undead animations is nearly useless for harvesting, only the dust and some bits and pieces can be useful in some magical rituals.

About the Dungeon’God

Not much is know of this strange and alien entity as it do not collect followers as most gods do, it have no real priesthood or scripture. The only source of information is what can be surmised from the few successes of communication with it and some clues from its interactions with the different worlds where it has precense.
It is concluded that it was a lower Godling or assistant to a god of conflict and challanges. Perhaps it grew overconfident, perhaps it was framed but it fled or was exiled. As with many other beings that had a need of hiding from mightier powers it travelled to the outmarches of reality, where the edges folds and wrinkles hiding pockets of worlds allowing for experiments and creations not allowed where more responsible powers oversee things.
In the Outmarch there exits half-finished world that never was properly put together before abandoned as well as paradisiacal hideouts, heavily defended and/or well hidden. But most worlds are struggling creations of Godlings lacking the strength or talent to create a fully functional world.
These world struggles continuously sapping the strength of the Godling in question until it perish or abandon its hopless project or, in the best case, carefully balancing on the edge, treading water just keeping its breathing tubes above the surface of oblivion.
Here the Dungeon’God wandered for a long time, sustained by some power it had stolen from the old master and replenished by stealthy conflict stirring at worlds lacking in defences to keep it out.
And it was during one of those forays that Dungeon’God got its bright idea. There was those who tried to make an existence by trading between the different worlds, but most perished sooner or later, the profit margins was small and there where paranoid half-mad entities everywhere. Dungeon’God had to come up with a way to trade which both was safe and provided it with sustenance. As it was not a Godling of trade, the trade in itself was useless as a source of power, at the most some power could be drawn upon if it was a challenging trade with dangers of conflict and difficulties.
Instead Dungeon’God devised a plan most cunning, by using resources plundered from a dying world and enlist the helpless souls there. By turning its body into a incomplete and limited world and connect it to worlds in need, luring its inhabitants to enter and find much needed resources. The supplies where guarded but not impossible to defeat, but increasingly difficult, always a challange, never impossible, Dungeon’God got nourishment and power to connect more worlds, transferring goods from one to be plundered by another, always strengthening the Dungeon’God.
The creators or godling maintainers of these world was often served with fait accompli, as the cost of dislodging the Dungeon’God would be to great (a parameter well researched by Dungeon’God) negotiation usually lead to an mutual profitable agreement, perhaps not for those who enters the Dungeon, but for the world as whole.

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